Thursday, February 27, 2020

Develop an Export Strategy for an Organisation Essay - 4

Develop an Export Strategy for an Organisation - Essay Example The Board of Directors should be cognizant of the recent economic crisis that destroyed the financial platforms for many countries in EU. However, Sweden avoided financial crisis through watertight and strong economic foothold. According to OECD Economic Surveys (2013), the country GDP is expected to grow by 2.5 percent by the end 2015, which is a great mileage that any economic giant in EU could achieve. The country aims at reducing the levels of unemployment though the current rate averages at 8.5 percent. The organization targets to concentrate on manufacturing and engineering services. Schön, (2012) argues that the Swedish economy has grown over the years to become one of the advanced nations in the engineering manufacturing. The organization also aims at participating in the efforts to eliminate unemployment rates in Sweden. Will not only the export-entry strategy feature provision of employment for the locals but also match with the increasing need for services that are in tandem with advanced information communications technology. The exportation will feature a direct strategy for products in the manufacturing and engineering sector. The country has a high demand for the services and a long-standing tradition in mining, shipbuilding and IT products. The products must be in keeping with the sustainability and earth-friendly innovations and competitive in terms of price and quality (Schön, 2012). Additionally, the export strategy recognizes the international trade theories. The process of developing an export strategy for Sweden was informed by the international trading theory, which includes country similarity and product life cycle theories. Being an Asian form calls for a strategy that features expansion to the competitive global market. The strategy also acknowledges the trade flows that include customer loyalty, advanced technology, and quality. Country similarity theory is

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